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When Arjun Kapoor opened up about his cordial relationship with stepmom Sridevi

The legendary actress and the first female superstar of Indian cinema passed away last night. The reason for her death is said to be a massive cardiac arrest. She was 54 and it is said that her cardiac arrest was so severe that she couldn’t be revived. There is no official statement from any of her family member except for a quote from Sanjay Kapoor, her brother-in-law confirming her demise.

Arjun Kapoor,Sridevi

Sridevi was a mother to two daughters Janhvi and Khushi. She also was a stepmom to Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor, the children of Boney Kapoor from his first wife. Since the time Arjun made his debut in Bollywood there were quite a few speculations about him not being a cordial relationship with his stepmother. And that he held grudges against her.

After several speculations and rumour, Arjun opened up about his equation with his stepmother Sridevi. He revealed to Niranjan Iyengar in an interview that they share a cordial relationship with each other and there is no ill will or animosity between them.

When asked if he held anything against Sridevi. he had stated,

I am sure I’ve had various degrees of emotions against her (Sridevi) and him (Boney Kapoor). I only look forward. I try make it a point not to dwell on what could have, what should have…

When he was asked about his relationship at that moment with Sridevi, he had said,

It’s very cordial. I respect anybody in my father’s life the same way because he would expect me to do that. So I respect her and don’t wish ill towards anyone. That’s how I follow…

When asked about the reports that she is quite encouraging of Arjun’s career and chats with her, Arjun clarified,

I am sure she is but not me per se. As in, I’ve never sat down face to face with her and had a chat about how she liked my work or is she following. I am sure she is, but we never had like… I am sure I’ve spoken to you more in this interview than I might have about my work with her. You know it’s one of those, there is a decent understanding understanding of two people to maintain a certain equation because we love a certain man who is in between both of us, as simple as that.

The legend of Sridevi will live on through her various films and performances. May her soul rest in peace.

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