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Who Can Mahira Khan Say ‘I Love You’?

 Mahira Khan is one of the most talented Pakistani actresses of today’s generation.

She was recently seen sharing the stage with Simi Garewal at the recent UK Asian Film Festival in London.

Who Can Mahira Khan Say ‘I Love You’

The duo got to talking and Mahira revealed that her grandmother has still not made peace with the idea of her acting in films. Talking about the same Mahira said that her granny is quite particular about whom she thinks Mahira should say ‘I Love You’ to on screen. But apparently, she doesn’t mind if Mahira says it to Fawad Khan. To this Simi replied, “She does have good taste.”

Mahira had also won an award for her contribution to films and activism. The festival which focuses on the achievements and contribution made by women began on 15th of March and will run until 25th of March.

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