TLY Chief Announces to End Sit-in After Agreement with Govt

Islamabad (November 27, 2017): Chief of Tehreek-e-Labbayik Ya Rasoolullah (TLY) Allam Khadim Hussain Rizvi has said that TLY has reached an agreement with the government to end Islamabad.

Addressing a press conference at Faizabad chowk, he said that the government had accepted their demands. He urged the government to address TLY’s reservations.

He said that Army had acted as guarantor in their agreement with the government.  The TLY chief also announced to withdraw the shutter down and wheel jam strike call, which was given for Monday by the outfit to protest police operation against the Islamabad protesters .

TLY Chief Announces to End Sit-in After Agreement with Govt

He added that traders and shopkeepers can resume their business activities.

He appealed to protesters across the country to disperse, adding that the Faizabad-based protesters are packing up their things and will soon vacate the sit-in site.

Rizvi also temporarily took the media hostage after he learned that his press conference was not given live coverage due to the government’s ban. However, media personnel were given safe passage after the Rangers intervened.

He added that they had been given 12 hours to wrap up the sit-in and move out.

He said that regarding Rana Sanaullah an Ulema and Mashaikh committee had been formed which will review his statement. He added that Sanaullah would appear before the committee and explain his statement.

The Islamabad-Lahore Motorway, along with other major road and rail links, remains closed at the moment but is expected to be reopened once the protesters disperse.

According to the agreement, the government will release, within 30 days, the report of the committee set up to probe the change in the amendment to the Finality of Prophethood declaration for electoral candidates in the Elections Act 2017. It also states that those found responsible are punished according to the relevant laws.

The agreement also includes the condition that the workers of religious parties, arrested since November 6, 2017, will have to be released and cases against them would be withdrawn.

It is also stated in the agreement that an inquiry board will be set up to probe the events surrounding the government action against protesters on November 25 and fix responsibility.

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