Mahira Khan onoured at UK Asian Film Festival

Pakistan’s stylish superstar Mahira Khan was adorned with another award of recognition as she was presented the ‘Contribution to Film and Activism Award’ at the opening ceremony of UK Asian Film Festival at the Mayfair Hotel in London.

Mahira was awarded for her remarkable contribution to screening industry at the star-stud UK Asian Film Festival , where she was featured as a special guest.


Undoubtedly, presenting a dashing look as she was clad in sari, the superstar expressed her gratitude to all that made her achieve excellence in the industry, She dedicated the Award to her beloved son Azlan as usual.

She spoke after receiving the award; “Thank you. I’m going to keep it short,” laughed Mahira. “Like you said, if my son is being overlooked (because of my work)? I always ask my son about what should I say? Should I thank you? And he would always respond, ‘Please don’t thank me.’ So, I hope someone is recording this!”

Mahira’s political drama, Verna, in which she plays a rape victim, will also be screened on March 16 (today) at the event.

At the occasion, a special tribute was also paid to the women who pushed the boundaries to make a difference showing great strength to recognize themselves.

The UK Asian Film Festival will be celebrating 20 years of championing independent South Asian cinema by hosting a 12-day season of film screenings and events in Edinburgh, Manchester, Leicester and London.

Mahira was also seen at the London premiere of ‘Cake the Film’ which starres Aamina Sheikh, Sanam Saeed and Adnan Malik. Cake is the first Pakistani film to premiere at the prestigious Leicester Square.

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